LiS HBO-opleiding “Applied Precision Engineering”

Samenvatting van een Mikroniek-artikel van Aad van Strien (bestuurslid LiS) over de ambities t.a.v. een LiS HBO-opleiding “Applied Precision Engineering”.

There is increasing demand for skilled technical specialists who are able to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and their realisation by actually constructing functional precision instruments and prototypes. Precision engineering aims to design and construct products with high accuracy of shape and dimension, or quick and accurate positioning. The Leiden Instrument Makers School (Leidse instrumentmakersschool, LiS) plans to build on its illustrious heritage to develop a Bachelor of Engineering degree in applied precision engineering that specifically addresses this competence gap in industry and research institutes within the top sectors high-tech & materials and life sciences & health.

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